Jay Tunes


Jay Tunes was born in Peoria Illinois, to the parents of Tiawana Smith & John Allen Sr.. John Jr (Jay Tunes) quickly learned his game and adapted as he grew up in Marin City, located in Marin County. Inspired by rappers like 2pac & 51.50 who were also quickly making a name for themselves, made Jay Tunes want to not just rap but be one of the best writers ever. Jay Tunes grandmother Yvonne Smith believed in her grandson. She would always push him to be not just a gentleman but to be a godly man; she wanted the best for her grandson.

After leaving rap group (thakamp) Jay Tunes went solo, feeling betrayed by the group; his life took its own course. Jay Tunes is currently working on his new album and also a new label, Moe Bandz Ent. as Co-Founder / CFO.

Inspired by Stars like Baby and Slim Williams, Mac Dre, Killa Tay, E40, C-Bo, Bow wow, Lil Boosie, Global, 2pac & 51.50 Jay Tunes has a bright future in the hip-hop world and feels this venture with Fortune will be a successful one.